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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 31, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, america. >> good morning. it's saturday, july 31st. and this is not your typical wedding. we know you're not allowed to bring your blackberries. no cameras. nothing into this hot spot. you're looking at a live shot of the tiny town of rhinebeck, new york, where bill and hillary clinton's baby girl will be tying the knot later today. last night was the rehearsal dinner. and bill and hillary were spotted at a local restaurant after. hillary clinton got a hair cut there. >> she's all grown up. i remember her going to school with secret service there. there's a lot of speculation about the guest list. we know madeleine albright toasted the couple last night. reports that oprah winfrey has been spotted at a nearby town. and if you like gambling, there's an irish bookmakers who is laying odds on the first dance song to which guest will cry first.
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i think bill clinton's the odds-on favorite. >> i think you're right about that. a lot of questions. we'll have more details coming up. also, take a look at this video. a gunman holds up a cell phone store. instead of freaking out, the store manager keeps her cool and starts talking to him about religion. >> you know what? i know you can do what you want. but i want to talk to you about the jesus i have. >> the what? >> the jesus, my god, before you leave. >> god bless you for that. >> that whole incredible exchange was caught on tape. we'll hear from the clerk with god on her side. and what happened to the repentant stickup man. >> an interesting development what he did after that. also on friday, al gore cleared of allegations that he sexually assaulted an oregon masseuse. the portland police say not enough evidence and serious credibility issues with the woman making the allegations. details, just ahead. we begin with the huge wildfire that's raging in
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southern california and threatening hundreds of homes north of los angeles. clayton sandell is in palmdale, california, with the latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. well, so far, as of this morning, this fire has burned 20-square-miles of brush. destroyed four houses. with 300 homes still under evacuation and the winds starting to pick up again, the fight here is clearly not over. all night long, firefighters and civilians battled an erratic blaze. earlier friday, crews were braving smoke and heat on the ground. while aircraft, including this chemical-dropping jet, worked from above. firefighters had been making progress. they kept any more houses from ending up like this one. >> the homes that are safe are the ones where there's a defensible space around it. >> reporter: and firefighters brought in helicopters that swooped in to protect high-voltage power lines that help provide electricity to millions. >> we lose this, we have no power to the house.
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we're out. >> reporter: but in the afternoon, seasonal hot winds helped spread the fire dangerously close to hundreds of houses. like the cavalry, fire trucks quickly rolled in. >> that is the real challenge for us right now, is the wind continuing to move the fire. >> reporter: on a nearby hillside, a crew of prison inmates help stop the fire just a few hundred feet from this family's front door. >> you find a new respect for them when you actually see them putting it out. >> reporter: and the forecast for today is for these winds to hit gusts of 30 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. bill? >> clayton sandell, out west. thanks to you. now, to disappointing news about the nation's economy. the gross domestic product grew by just 2.4% in the second quarter. that's down from 3.7% growth the first three months of this year. and that signifies a very significant slowdown. david kerley is at the white house this morning, with more. david? >> reporter: good morning, bill. the numbers really do tell the
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tale. the economy is growing, but slowly. so slowly, it's not really adding jobs. the president is trying to make a splashy effort to show his policies are working in some places. president obama took a victory lap in detroit, driving the new chevy hybrid, the bolt, and claiming his bailout efforts helped save the auto industry. >> this plant and your jobs might not exist. there were leaders of the just say no crowd in washington. they don't like to admit it when i do the right thing. >> reporter: the president proudly pointed out that all 3 carmakers are now making money and have added 55,000 jobs. >> i have confidence in the american worker. i have confidence in you. i have confidence in this economy. we are coming back. >> reporter: but we aren't coming back quickly. while the president was pumping up auto workers, the latest numbers were deflating. during the second three months of the year, the economy slowed. growing just 2.4%. >> i feel a lot better than i was a year ago. but i'm still not comfortable.
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i don't think we're off and running yet. we have got to make sure that this recovery remains intact. if we backtrack and go into recession, we'll have a big problem. >> reporter: it's not that companies don't have money to expand. they're sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash. they're worried about the slow growth, high unemployment, and the uncertainties washington has presented them with. will health care costs rise under the new health bill? will taxes go up at the end of the year? and what about all those new financial regulation rules still to be written? >> when people have been through a significant downturn, there is a fear of making a fatal mistake. and as a result, you tend to be more risk-averse, rather than less risk-averse. >> reporter: and hold your cash? >> and hold your cash. cash is king. >> reporter: experts say the white house needs to do more to loosen credit for small businesses. in his morning address today, the white house is calling on republicans to do just that.
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there is a small business bill there. it's being held up. and the president says the senate could bring it up for a vote. bianna? >> all right. david, thank you. joining us now to check the pulse of consumers is mike santoli, senior editor at barrens. and for political ramifications, john avlon, senior political columnist at "the daily beast." welcome, gentlemen. this is the fourth-consecutive month of economic growth we have seen. the bad news is the growth continues to decline, specifically from the consumer angle. whatver t fe months? >> well, especially in may and june. the consumed ull obviously, the oil spill had a psychological impact. and the job market remained relatively sluggish. it's not been responsive to the good economic numb that seems to have dampe spending intentions and general >> if you look at the companies, as we mentioned, they're sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash.
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earnings have been very good this past year and in the past few months. why aren't companies hiring now? >> it seems as if there's an excess of caution coming f and it does seem that the good news looking forward, is the leading indicators of hiring, of investment by companies, are in place to have a little bit more of a pickup in the job market right now. tempworkg ta up in a big way. you're seeing average weey hours go so, altre gtingoducy ou workers. they want to poly more if they want to protec ot e saying -- they're blaming washington.- te saa ot uncertainty coming from this gohonth and that do they have a point? >> uncertainty is what is keeping the $1.8 trillion on the sidelines. that's what would stimulate the economy. at the end of the day, the government's role is to provide to be a bridge for a private
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it is a slowdown. and politically, there are ramifications. it's the second-quarter economic earnin p cg thlgivron booth in the fall. so, this is a big deal w comlitis in th there's no sign of a rapid rec and thnaa really needs. >> so, we saw the stimulus. we also now saw the president yesterday touting the auto industry's recovery and that being the administration's coup. what else could he be doing? we saw after 9/11, george bush, president bush then, said consumers should be spending to rev up the e >> the real trick is, what's keeping the money on the sidelines overall is concern about it. unse reiron care bill. and the tax prof people expecting the bush tax cuts to sunset on that t the last 15 years, over 65% of new hiring has been from small businesses. so, it's that tax environment that has a lot of people on the sidelines.
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if he wanted to throw a hail mary, he could say he would extend the bush tax cuts for1 o& aidge but that's unlikely it's a re tax cuts versus government spending as a stimulus. >> the tax cuts are dividing not only republicans and democrats. but democrats, within their own party, as well. they're saying the president sanant ear up. mike, what are you hearing youcs aat wl >> it really is a wildcard at this point. nobody knows exactly, especially after the elecs, y going to be the calculus in terms of raising taxes or allowing taxes to u ak y it's very difficult to know. one thing i would point out. we have had two jobless recoveries after the last couple recessions. this is not terribly unusual. it's not going to change the voters' mind. if you remember, in 1992, bill clinton won on it's the economy, stupi weetroct,nc1 o&- nomy so, it might have political implications. but it doesn't mean that the economy's derailed because it feels like it's no good.
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>> lastly, i want both of you to comment and weigh in on this. we have a few months left until this election. people want jobs. that's what they need to see. we hearfrohstra index, which is at 90% now. the abc frustration index, that says whether or not the presit s he r jobcf1 & co what can be done, if in the nexonthe presidento seicto for his >> i'm thes ats than but i do think, cooling off the rhetoric, i honestly do think that the peak of government interventions in the markets is done. i don't see anything else. i think a change in tone is & alan d >> john? >> a change i americans really want to see. they believe that congress and washington, overall, is too hyperpart there's a rea s it'onom stupid. the only policy shift the president could makeo mo oaxesould people and b bre rivasectthe . encouraging ivesmn, rath >> we'll see that very impont
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et mike, john,reciit >> all right, bian genn. let's turn to the gulf now, operation has been cut way back. back to life. but while there are fewer visible signs on the surface, there is still concern. jeffrey kofman, live in new orleans, on that. jeffrey? >> reporter: and good morning, to you, bill. that's right. what a difference a week makes. even a week ago, this oil spill seemed to be an environmental disaster of epic proportions. but with the well capped and holding, that has changed. now, maybe this won't be the catastrophe so many had f but let's underline the word maybe. this isn't behind us yet. the cap has been on for more than two weeks. but the well is not dead yet. they hope to plug it this weekend. but some unexpected sediment has to be cleared before that can begin. the wait for the well, though, is not slowing down an astonishingly rapid return to normalcy here in the gulf. for three months, fisheries from
7:13 am
florida to louisiana have been closed. suddenly, they're reopening, after getting a clear bill of health from federal and state officials. have you found any levels of contaminants that are dangerous for human consumption? >> not even remotely close. >> reporter: not in one fish? >> not in one fish. >> reporter: with less oil in the water, there's less work for rmy hs mobilized for cleanup. already one-third of the 46,000 workers have been let go. bp's new boss, bob dudley, says bp won't abandon the gulf. but -- >> definitely in terms of the effort, no. it's not too soon for a scaleback. >> reporter: this crisis is far from over. >> we shouldn't be writing an obituary for this event, until the well is sealed. until we have no more oil on the surface on the water. until we understand where all the oil has gone to. >> reporter: now, e finding oran crab larvae. they have to be examined. if they prove to be oil and that proves to be toxic, that would
7:14 am
be the first indication that the damage from the spill is at a level the eye cannot see. bill? >> okay. fey froans now,for reste morning's headlines, ron claiborne, away this weekend. our friend, jeremy hubbard back with us. hey. >> good morning, everyone. rmeesidl go has beed byce portland, oregon, of tion y ad masseusegur-y case of he said/she said. the masseuse, molly hagerty, says gore demanded sex acts during a massage in his room, at this portland hotel in 2006. >> he immediately flipped me flat on my back and threw his whole body facedown on top of me. >> reporter: but police say hagerty waited six weeks to file a report. then, canceled three interviews with them, before dropping the matter to pursue a civil suit. she didn't give her testimony to police until last year. >> al gore opened the door. and i introduced myself, saying, hello. i'm your massage therapist. >> reporter: three weeks ago, the case was reopened, after
7:15 am
hagerty spoke to "the national enquirer." but late friday, district attorney michael schrunk said there was no grounds for prosecution, due tolck credible evidence. police say there were no bodily fluids found on hagerty's clothes. and hagerty contradicted herself in several interviews. gore's spokesperson says he is pleased the matter has been resolved. the most controversial parts of arizona's new immigration law will remain on hold until at a federal court ruled late friday, it will not reverse an injunction by a lowecurt but will hold h all the law, which was blocked by a judge on wednesday, prompted widespread p despite calls for his resignation from some democrats, it appears the committee investigating charlie rangel on ethics violations recommending only a reprimand. president obama says the charges are, quote, very troubling. and told cbs news friday, he sure rangel wants to be able to end his career with diy. and finally, a college professor in minnesota has be
7:16 am
foiled t literaly they wrap hisrefi in foil. everything from the floor to the ceiling, covered in aluminum. it took more than 1,000 feet of foil to do the job. they were thorough. they should get some points for not only was the kleenex box wrapped in foil. but tissues were wrapped, too. >> and he still came into the office. orkeal. >> he said he's been too busy to take it all down. he is probably busy giving failing grades. >> don't get ideas. >> who says amerit arn't orki >> that's right. marysocstrver ur o yo no. but they used to hide the erase at ofchal because i'm so short. dummy, i would jump. >> much to their enjoyment. >> they would get their giggles. no one's laughing. on to the weather. 11 states under heat advisory. we're looking at the deep south. 103 in dallas. 97 in new orleans. 101 in jackson. this par
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thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook a little later on in the show. bill? well, mary, as you wait for your invitation, those who actually have them are celebrating up in rhinebeck, new york, today. in case you haven't heard, a few hours from now, president bill clinton will walk his daughter down the aisle at an estate there. and linsey davis is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. tell mary we can probably muster out a wedding invitation for her, i'm sure.
7:18 am
all is relatively quiet now. but this was the hot spot last night. the beekman arms inn was the place to see and be seen, sipping cocktails with the clintons. for anyone who's on the list, there is a bit of a caveat. if you're attending the wedding, you cannot have this, or this, or this. no photos allowed. rhinebeck, new york, put its sleepy town reputation to bed last night. the mother and father of the bride helped tuck it in. after the rehearsal dinner, it was off to the oldest inn in the country, where the likes of madeleine albright and vernon jordan came to toast the bride and groom before the big day. >> hi. what's your name? >> tim. >> reporter: earlier in the day, chelsea's dad strolled the streets of rhinebeck. between grins and grabs, he gushed about his future son-in-law. >> like him? i admire him. i feel very blessed. hillary and i, we feel the same way. we think he's fabulous.
7:19 am
>> reporter: chelsea clinton is often described as reserved and understated. perhaps it's a bit more of her alter ego walking down the aisle. earlier this week, she was seen at the vera wang boutique in new york city. the clinton/mezvinsky nuptials are reportedly estimated between $2 million to $3 million. that's how much michael douglas, donald trump and nicole kidman spent on their weddings combined. the average american wedding costs $24,000. that's how much the clintons are spending for the video crew alone. then again, most people don't have to spend $200,000 on security. at most, wouldn't opt to spend $15,000 on port-a-potties. last night's rehearsal dinner at this barn in rhinebeck, reportedly cost $250,000. renting out the 50-acre astor courts estate, was another $125,000. the air-conditioned tents, $600,000. and the food for the i dos, $750,000.
7:20 am
it all boils down to more than $6,000 a person. the typical american wedding has about 150 guests. the clintons are expecting at least 400. who, exactly? >> maybe a little less high-profile names. and more, actual, god forbid, friends of marc and chelsea's. but there's still going to be some a-listers here. >> reporter: it is rumored that steven spielberg was invited. as was tom hanks and barbra streisand. she sang at the former president's inauguration. and rumors are swirling she will serenade chelsea and marc tonight. sources say vera wang will also be in attendance. and, bill and bianna, just in case you guys were planning on stopping by last-minute, keep in mind, there's a no-fly zone over the estate from 3:00 p.m., until 3:00 a.m. >> okay. we'll take the boat, linsey.
7:21 am
thank you very much. much more on the wedding in the next half hour. also coming up, a robber gets religion from the store clerk he's holding up. the remarkable thing is caught on tape. we'll talk to the holy hero, coming up, as well. this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. [ woman ] i don't want to feel depressed.
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exclusive interview with the parents of kyron horman who has been missing for two months now. we'll get the latest on their thoughts in the investigation. >> keeping hope alive. also, an amazing story of a cell phone store clerk who answers a gun with a call for god, coming up. - ♪ and there's nothing wrong ♪ - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. hebrew national hot dogs are made with butcher quality cuts of 100 percent pure kosher beef. people say they're so good maybe it's time they were called something new. they are the royalty of hot dogs, i call them queen elizabeefs! hebrew national. the better than a hot dog hot dog. [ male announcer ] your mouth is amazing. did you know up to 50% of new cavities form between teeth,
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you know, jesus, he can help you. >> god bless you. >> jesus helps you. he can change your life. go back to church. >> faith foils a robbery in florida. that is a cell phone store clerk calmly talking to an armed man about jesus. and talking him out of robbing the store. we'll hear from the woman about what happened when she came face-to-face with the gunman. brave woman, indeed. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm bill weir. it's saturday, july 31st. it's also chelsea clinton's wedding day. the former first daughter, set to marry marc mezvinsky this evening in rhinebeck, new york. we're going to talk more about
7:31 am
the ceremony. oprah sightings around town. and those who might be attending. and what kind of gifts they will be bringing. i'm guessing the fondue set we sent up there won't be opened until later. >> security is dealing with that right now. we do begin on a serious note about kyron horman's disappearance. the 7-year-old oregon boy, now missing for two months. his biological parents are still holding out hope that he's alive. and they still believe his stepmother had something to do with his disappearance. now, for the first time in weeks, his parents are sitting down and telling their story. to andrea canning. >> reporter: what do you miss most about seeing him? >> he is a very affectionate kid. he has been since he was a baby. just the random hugs. and the sounds. >> he helps me shave my head. and likes to rub my head for the three or four days when it's still short. going out and feeding the cat together. our morning walks down to the bus. >> reporter: this weekend marks
7:32 am
two months since 7-year-old kyron horman disappeared from his oregon school. the family is begging the public to come forward with any new information. >> there shouldn't be any fear from anyone to get in the middle. but we need that information brought forward. >> reporter: you had said you believe he may be stashed somewhere. is that a mother's intuition? or is that based on information that you have? >> no. i don't have any information to tell me that. i just feel a certain way. and i have instincts. >> reporter: are there any new leads at all? >> many. lots of possibilities. >> reporter: anything you can talk or share about now? >> no. >> reporter: police are releasing few details. but kyron's stepmother, terri horman, the last person to see him, remains the focus. since the boy's disappearance, kaine horman says terri, who has not been named a suspect, has failed two polygraph tests. if terri did this, what could her motivation be?
7:33 am
>> i have tried to put my head inside hers and i can. >> it's difficult because you have someone so close to you, basically, betray you. >> reporter: court documents say she allegedly attempted to hire a landscaper to kill her husband, kyron's father. and she's accused of sending sexual photographs of herself to her husband's former high school classmate, just days after kyron's disappearance. you believe, without a doubt, that terri has something to do with this? >> yes. >> reporter: do you believe that she has help from someone? >> i, as a logical person, think that. >> reporter: in fact, one of terri's closest friends, dede spicher, was called this week to testify before the grand jury. kyron's family believes she has been aiding and advising terri. does your gut tell you that she may have some information that can help crack this case? >> i think all we want for her to do is cooperate with law enforcement, whether the information is related to the case or not. just needs to bring it forward. >> reporter: bring it forward and find their son.
7:34 am
>> he's going to get the biggest group hug he's ever had. and he's not going to be allowed to go anywhere without the three of us. >> you have to grab every moment you can. that's what life's about. it's about the little moments. and that's what you hold on to and cherish every day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, portland. >> we do know that an anonymous donor has raised a reward fee for finding missing kyron. and we're also hearing that terri is with her family. >> in southern oregon. right. some of her friends have come to her defense. but so many questions. so much agony in that family. let's go back to jeremy hubbard, in for ron claiborne. and look at some other headlines. >> good morning, everyone. in the news this morning, the progress of a huge california wildfire has been slowed by firefighters north of los angeles. it still threatens hundreds of homes and the power lines t carctciouth1 o
7:35 am
st 66 americans have been killed. the most of any month in almost nine years of fighting there. in northeast iran, more than 200 people have been injured in a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. state tv says the quake damaged several villages and temporarily disrupted communications this morning. and finally, nicole "snooki" polizzi, one of the stars of mtv's reality show "jersey shore," had too much reality friday, after she was picked up by police for disorderly conduct. snooki was allegedly bothering beachgoers. that's a quick look at the headlines. now, over to marysol for the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we take a look at california. and the firefighting efforts will not be helped at all by the weather conditions. it continues to be windy. 30-mile-per-hour to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. low humidity and high temperatures. the fire in palmdale's about 30 elsewhere, it's about 50% just north of there, a different weather story. severe weather.
7:36 am
spokane, billings, and even yeye thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by neutrogena clinical skin care. >> thanks, mary. coming up here on "gma," putting god up against a gun. a brave store clerk calmly talks an armed man out of robbing her by spreading the word of jesus. and here comes the bride. chelsea clinton is about to walk down the aisle. we'll have all the details about the most talked-about wedding in years, coming up next. long summer days and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating
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♪ and that is a small town we've all become very familiar with over the past few days. rhinebeck, new york, where chelsea clinton will be walking down the aisle just hours from now.
7:40 am
linsey davis is our wedding correspondent in rhinebeck this morning. want to check back with her. and see what's going on. any latest news and developments, linsey? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. not too much. the streets here charming quaint, and undisturbed at this hour right now. for weeks, people speculated and tried to play supersleuth about the royal wedding in rhinebeck. now, the mystery is slowly unraveling. after the rehearsal dinner, it was over to the oldest inn in the country for cocktails with the clintons. now, we're hours away from the main event. the wedding starts at 6:00 p.m., at the 50-acre astor courts estate. there's expected to be 400 to 500 guests. and the price tag for the weekend festivities reportedly between $2 million and $3 million. just to put that in perspective, the average american wedding costs $24,000. that's how much the clintons are spending for the video crew alone. if we're lucky, we might be able
7:41 am
to get a glimpse of some of the fireworks over the hudson. but everyone here, they all want to see the bride, chelsea. >> we do, too. and they lucked out with some beautiful weather there, as well. >> reporter: perfect weather. >> we'll tune in tomorrow. you can give us some of the details then, linsey. joining us to talk more about the wedding, anita mcbride, laura bush's former chief of staff. and she's in our washington bureau this morning. and here, joining us live in the studio, ericka souter, staff writer at "us weekly" magazine. ericka, thanks for joining us. we want to start with the rehearsal dinner last night. any updates as to who is there? >> after the rehearsal dinner, there was an after-party. we heard there were a lot of big names there. vernon jordan, madeleine albright. but for the wedding, even more big names are expected. sources tell "us" magazine, that sarah jessica parker and vera wang will be at the wedding.
7:42 am
>> any idea what the bride will be wearing? that's what inquiring minds want to know. >> we hear she will be wearing vera wang. and not only her, but the bridesmaids and the flower girl. >> and the mother wearing oscar de la renta, right? >> yes. we believe that she will be wearing oscar de la renta. >> and anita, we turn to you. we are looking to see who will show up tonight? >> well, the wedding is not until 6:00 tonight. there's plenty of time for the bride and the bridal party to get ready and enjoy the day. i think, like any bride, this is a combination of being nervous and excited and wanting everything to go well. and at some point, you say, okay. this is it. it's all going to be fine. it's going to be beautiful. but it does sound like this has been, you know, a guest list that's a combination of people that have known this bride and this groom throughout their whole lives. friends and family. and friends of the parents, as well. of course, like any wedding guest list.
7:43 am
>> that's right. it is at the end of the day, about the bride and groom. any idea and speculation as to who is going to be in the bridal parties? >> well, i think as we said, we know there's a flower girl. so, perhaps that's her cousin. one of her uncle's daughters. beyond that, no, i'm not aware of. that's a testament to some of the details they've tried to protect. and that keeps those folks from being asked questions by the press and not revealing things that the bride doesn't want them to reveal. >> want to ask both of you about what we can expect to see on the menu tonight. we know that chelsea is a vegan. are we going to see vegetarian dishes? will there be some meat on there? >> we know the cake will be a vegan contraption. you have to wonder how great that will be. but knowing the clintons, everything will be top-shelf and delicious. >> and security. we know security's very tight. you're not allowed to bring your cell phone, your blackberry. no cameras.
7:44 am
and they're actually looking at your faces -- they are looking at people coming in. they have a book there, a checklist, of who to expect and not to expect. >> we hear that security isn't taking any chances. they have a look book that has the name and the picture of the guest, so they can confirm everyone as they walk into the door. of alnts,us the actu >> as far as transportation and transporting the guests to and from the site, do we have any clues how that is going to take place? >> well, you're movin of guf th num from several locations. i would imagine there's a combination of phat their own limousines to the but perhaps some coordinated transportation, to move guests, as well, so you don't have so many, you know, cars moving about a small town. and, you know this, is a town where other life is n perhaps there's even o brides in the area. so, i think they probably have taken some care to be as least disruptive as they probably can. i have one thing about the food. one thing people might not know
7:45 am
about chelsea clinton. she's always been a bit of a foodie. the white house kitchen staff said she enjoyed cooking with the former white house chef during the time of the clintons. there was an organic garden on the roof of the white house that she enjoyed, as well, as the family. i think that, you know, being a vegetarian and interested in good food is something that's been part of her life. >> that's right. and are you surprised at all, ericka, that the clintons have been so successfully able to maintain their privacy and secrecy going into the wedding? >> they've had a lot of practice. staying under the radar. keeping things from the press. and nothing is as important to than making sure the day is perfect for chelsea. so, they're very excited about giving their daughter her dream day. >> we cannot wait to see the firstand y ed arfuly weather. we've tried. can't get anymore details. we'll have the details tomoro >> itell
7:46 am
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how would you respond if someone walked into your workplace and brandished a gun? well, this is a remarkable story out of pompano beach, florida, where one woman faced just that. instead of panicking, she went into a sort of evangelical mode. jeremy hubbard is here with details. >> i'm not sure we would have reacted the same way she did. the exchange between the two of them went on for several minutes, we're told. the clerk's level of calm was pretty amazing. instead of freaking out, she invoked the lord. telling the robber to essentially put down the gun and go back to church. >> i really hate to do this. >> reporter: it was a terrifying
7:50 am
scene. first, the would-be robber pulled out a gun. >> but i need the money in the register. >> reporter: watch and listen to how nayara goncalves, the cool-headed manager of this south florida cell phone store, turned his interest from robbery to religion. >> i know you can do whatever you want. but i'm just going to talk with you about the jesus i have. >> the what? >> the jesus, my god. before you leave. >> god bless you for that. >> i'm a christian. >> so am i. and i absolutely hate doing this. >> when he showed me the gun, i kind of stopped for a few seconds. i said, yeah. i want to tell you about god. and he listened. >> because i'm going to be evicted if i don't come up with $300. >> reporter: with the gunman appearing to waiver, the two found even more common ground. >> i go to calvary chapel. >> i go there, too. i love pastor bob. >> reporter: but the man said he still needed the money. >> i'm sorry. i have to take at least that.
7:51 am
i'm sorry. >> reporter: after the manager explained, she may get charged for the stolen money, he bashfully relented. and left without taking anything. but police say, just three hours later, he was caught on tape again, robbing a shoe store. police eventually arrested 37-year-old israel camacho, described as a serial robber. who apparently ignored goncalves' final words of advice. >> you know, jesus. he can help you. >> god bless you. >> jesus helps you. he can change your life. go back to church. after he left, seriously, i started to cry. that was when i realized what had happened. and how god is great. and he's amazing. >> now, the robber's apparently heard on surveillance video in that second robbery at the shoe store, telling the victims, god bless you, as he walked out the door. perhaps the first clerk did have some effect on him, bill. but police here saying he's a serial robber with a history dating back to 1998. in and out of jail since then. >> right.
7:52 am
i think he told her it was a beebe gun ultimately. but she didn't know that early on. >> and he talked about attending the megachurch, the same one she goes to. the pastor of that church says, if he really went here, we have outreach programs to help people like him. he didn't have to resort to this. >> but she was amazingly calm under fire, literally. thank you, jeremy. we'll be right back. [ michael hall ] we are only as good as the things we make today. and today we're making 5,400 welds in the body of the new jeep grand cherokee. ♪ ♪ that might seem like a lot, if you're building a car. but not if you're building a company. ♪ ♪ the new jeep grand cherokee. ♪ ♪
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i wonder if our friend, the double-rainbow guy, is going to the chelsea clinton wedding. >> i doubt it. >> the security clearance on that guy. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> wouldn't you want that coming down the aisle? >> yes. >> that would be worth $2
7:57 am
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